Overhead charges

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O`ver`head´ char´ges

1.(Accounting) Those general charges or expenses in any business which cannot be charged up as belonging exclusively to any particular part of the work or product, as where different kinds of goods are made, or where there are different departments in a business; - called also fixed charges, establishment charges, or (in a manufacturing business) administration charges, selling charges, and distribution charges, etc.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Fitch also adjusts MADS coverage to include UF administrative overhead charges. While technically subordinate to debt service, such charges are a monthly cash outlay of the system and directly influence operating reserves (which have significantly weakened in recent years).
Like court fees, overhead charges and disbursements are not usually prohibitive cost components for most people.
"We are seeing fewer tourists coming to Bahrain but have to maintain high overhead charges."
"The landfill side of the business is quite profitable despite the fact there are a lot of upfront or overhead charges," said Jim Thompson Jr., president of Waste Business Journal, which provides economic research and analysis of the waste industry.
Collaboration among companies in the same field could result in lower overhead charges and product unit cost allowing the group to penetrate other ASEAN countries and fend off foreign competitors entering the Philippine market.
"Inevitably, delay has led us to incur additional costs, not only in our standing overhead charges, but also for a re-commissioning programme and additional survey work to carry out a 'health' check of all our systems.
In order to ensure that the money goes straight to the refugees, the UNHCR has waived any administrative or overhead charges for running the campaign.
"The All Pakistan Textile Association is up in tailspin situation and is reportedly actively considering taking extreme steps in the shape of closing down their units because excessive load shedding has been causing overhead charges unbearable and therefore it has become victim of cut-throat competition in the international market, "he stated.
PR 'throws away' condemned or inactive assets and out sources maintenance to save overhead charges. PR has never maintained its assets properly, though it should have given priority to maintaining existing assets and making them efficient.
It is worth noting that Islamic banking windows of some of the commercial banks are offering 'Car Ijara' due to lower overhead charges. Some critics say that financing rates charged by Islamic banks are relatively higher but 'niche market' is willing to pay the premium.
As a result, huge quantities of industrial raw materials and consumer goods housed in the Customs Bonded Warehouses could not be cleared within the stipulated time period, attracting penal surcharge besides heavy rental and overhead charges, he said.
The chairman Karachi Wholesale Grocers' Association, however, maintains that 'companies that operate on the pattern of Makro and Metro have massive overhead charges compared to local wholesalers which would not allow them to compete.