a.1.Excessively heavy.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Following Ulle Viks (1992), the initial grave accent in forms such as 'lippu marks an 'overheavy' Q3 syllable.
Prime hoggets: standard to 104pkg and pounds 41 P Taylor average 98pkg medium to 106pkg and pounds 44-50 WF Dove average 98pkg heavy to 88pkg and pounds 44 JC Simpson average 84pkg overheavy to 84pkg and pounds 50 JW&B Firby average 80pkg Cast ewes pounds 56 pounds 51 pounds 45 pounds 42 CA&J Skidmore, pounds 55 pounds 44-50 I Spedding, pounds 55 RE Williams, pounds 50 JW&B Harrison, pounds 50 pounds 44 W&M Knaggs, pounds 49 CJM Headly, pounds 48 pounds 47 DW Ewin, pounds 48JW&B Firby, pounds 48 GT&M Tweddle, pounds 45 F Cook
Splint wood is not to hand in this stony world, but we locate an overheavy piece of driftwood lumber.
It has sometimes been suggested that the application of the ideas in Corporate Strategy can lead to an overheavy emphasis on analysis.
Admittedly, that changed for a moment when Rooney wriggled free and set up the surging Pembridge, but too often the last touch was overheavy.
Evidently the pattern reveals a neat correlation to the principle of syllable preference (optimal syllable law) which disallows, in this particular case, overheavy syllables, considered least preferred for Proto-Germanic, in fact unacceptable.
overheavy to 110pkg and pounds 59 N Swinbank average 109pkg Prime hoggets standard to 103pkg and pounds 38 N Whitfield average 99pkg medium to 108pkg.
overheavy to 97pjkg and pounds 56 TN Callender average 89pkg
Prime Hoggets standard to 124pkg and pounds 47 K Tallentire average 117pkg medium to 132pkg and pounds 52-50 WF Dove average 117pkg heavy to 115pkg and pounds 56-20 T Patchett average 104pkg Overheavy to 102pkg and pounds 56 GC Pullan average 99pkg (all pounds ) 56 54 W&L Etherington, 55-50 53-20 53 C&AE Hodgson, 56-20 54-50 GC&JC Pullan, 55 53 52-80 T Patchett, 54 52-80 J Thompson, 54 WO Grix, 53-50 J Shadforth, 53 JR Knox, 53 WL Robinson, 52-50 FMR Gibson, 52-50 C Binks ,52 WM Knaggs, 52-20 J G Walton
Spring lambs medium to 191pkg and pounds 74 JW Hobson average 170pkg standard to 189pkg and pounds 80 Donaldson Ptnrs average 175pkg heavy to 171pkg and pounds 80 PK & HC Dowson average 170pkg overheavy to 150pkg and pounds 81 JW Hodson average 148pkg Prime hoggs medium to 127pkg and pounds 48 JJS Allison average 118pkg standard to 130pkg and pounds 54-50 T Blythman average 122pkg heavy to 121pkg and pounds 55-80 Wytherstone fms average 109pkg overheavy to 107pkg and pounds 59-50 Wytherstong fms average 102pkg (pounds /head) 59-50, 56, RH Thompson, 58-50 GA&JM Turnbull, 57-50, 56 RW&R Henry, 56-50, 54-80 WF Dove, 56, 55 JC&A Hutchinson 56 FH Hutchinson, 56 RH&J Raw, 55-80x3, 54-50 Wytherstone fms, 55-50 JR & M Richardson, 55 JM Hall, 55-20 GC & JC Pullan.
heavy to 145.5pkg and pounds 910 average 121pkg (allp/kg) 143.5 142.5 TA Metcalf, 141.5 138.5 136.5 133.5 G&J Verity, 141.5 I Marshall, 140.5 FT Gibbon, 138.5 Falshaw ptnrs 137.5 Askwiths, 135.5 A Stephenson, 135.5 JH Wise, 134.5 WJ&A Bowes, 134.5 TF Robinson&son, 134.5 JV&JA Hodgson prime hoggets lightweight to 115pkg and pounds 33-20 Weardale estates average 112pkg standard to 137pkg and pounds 52-80 G Eastwood average 130pkg medium to 140pkg and pounds 60-20 R Ward average 130pkg heavy to 135pkg and pounds 65-20 JR&MJ Wilkinson average 121pkg overheavy to 121pkg and pounds 66 AJ Spliman&son average 112pkg.