n.1.See Orlop.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The overall experience at Fresh Thyme, according to Store Director Bruce VanOverloop, is "the culture that we exhibit and the smiles that we hire." Van Overloop concurs with Bernier on the personality-over-experience factor.
Janssens IA, Sampson DA, Cermak J, Meiresonne L, Riguzzi F, Overloop S, Ceulemans R (1999) Above- and belowground phyomass and carbon storage in a Belgian Scots pine stand.
Numerous studies have shown that parents report these children to have difficulties with sleep onset and maintenance that exceed those of typically developing children (e.g., Stores, Stores, & Buckley, 1996), and these problems have been associated with greater stress in parents and increased frequencies of behavior problems in the children (Didden, Korzilius, van Aperlo, van Overloop, & de Vries, 2002; Richdale, Francis, Gavidia-Payne, & Cotton, 2000).
Geological studies suggest the whole region was broadly covered by xeric ecosystems and tropical dry forests no later than 4 000 years ago during the Holocene (Overloop 1981, Werneck et al.
If some heavy rain is predicted, the amount of water in canal system should be decreased before the rain (van Overloop et al., 2008).
An association between sleep problems and epilepsy has been found in correlational (see e.g., Didden, Korzilius, Van Aperlo, Van Overloop, & De Vries, 2002; Quine, 1991) and quasi-experimental studies (see e.g., Stores, Wiggs, & Campling, 1998).
Danielle gives birth to a girl, Therese (played as an adult by Veerle van Overloop), who soon is revealed to be an intellectual prodigy.
Clearly, this selection criterion is not the most effective one because it tends to overloop the potential of other markets.
Greg Van Overloop, a category manager for D & W Food Centers, a 24-store gro- cery chain based in Grand Rapids, Mich., said this May was the coldest on record in his state.