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These poor serfs, who were worse than slaves to the proud barons who owned the land they tilled, were forbidden by royal edict to sell or give a pennysworth of provisions to the Outlaw of Torn, upon pain of death, but nevertheless his great carts made their trips regularly and always returned full laden, and though the husbandmen told sad tales to their overlords of the awful raids of the Devil of Torn in which he seized upon their stuff by force, their tongues were in their cheeks as they spoke and the Devil's gold in their pockets.
They were creatures of mastery, possessing all manner of unknown and impossible potencies, overlords of the alive and the not alive- -making obey that which moved, imparting movement to that which did not move, and making life, sun-coloured and biting life, to grow out of dead moss and wood.
Conan, Duke of Brittany, and William, Duke of Normandy, were related to each other, and in a manner the Bretons owned the Duke of Normandy as overlord.
His face went almost white, and then his head came up as befitted him in whose veins flowed the blood of the overlord of a world.
Roughly, the various kingdoms were to remain virtually independent, but there was to be one great overlord, or emperor.
I have seen Kantos Kan, Overlord of the Navy, and Prince Soran of Ptarth, and Djor Kantos, son of Kantos Kan," she shot a roguish glance at her mistress as she mentioned Djor Kantos' name, "and--oh, there were others, many have come.
My powerful and illustrious master," he began, "Charles, King of Navarre, Earl of Evreux, Count of Champagne, who also writeth himself Overlord of Bearn, hereby sends his love and greetings to his dear cousin Edward, the Prince of Wales, Governor of Aquitaine, Grand Commander of "
There was nothing Mowgli liked better than, as he himself said, "to pull the whiskers of Death," and make the Jungle know that he was their overlord.
While Tethyans devote themselves to the stewardship of humankind and the earth, the Overlords are devoted only to profit and power.
Overlords Ben Kingsley has fun with a weird northern accent as teacher turned robot collaborator Mr Smythe.
Haunted by the disappearance of father Danny (Steven Mackintosh) during the invasion, Overlords teenager Sean Flynn (Callan McAulie) lives with his younger brother and their mother Kate (Gillian Anderson).
Not so with Cannon Fodder, which succeeds in blending fantasy with mystery, injects a teen protagonist with the savvy and commitment to solve his aunt's murder, and revolves around the first evil scheme in young Alec Nightshade's evolution as a member of the Norgolian Society of Evil Overlords.