a.1.Too busy; too ready to intermeddle; too officious.
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That just set his stall out, without being overofficious. And they were both bookings, no doubt.
The boos at the end of the contest showed that the overofficious whistler had proved to be a party pooper.
The Eagles were not helped by overofficious refereeing that led to key men Fab Flournoy and Darius Defoe fouling out in the final quarter but in they were outdone by Mersey's greater staying power and the brilliance of their Great Britain international Nate Reinking.
I HOPE Villa discipline those overofficious stewards who frogmarched that fan out of the ground during the derby for heading the ball back into play.
We're helping fans push back against the overofficious, over-the-top policing and stewarding.
To be fair, however, such overofficious performances have been rare, although the feeling persists that an intriguing and encouraging World Cup requires one genuine classic encounter to provide it with genuine lift-off.
He was not sitting in the main stand, where the media centre is, so when the Australia legend attempted to enter for a pre-arranged interview, overofficious security men would not let him through.