v. t.1.To polish too much.
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But beware: That can overpolish the wood so it won't take finish the same as the surrounding wood.
Don't overpolish floors and make sure mats have a rubbery underside.
Don't overpolish, however; I've seen a single-action revolver that would spin the cylinder right past lockup and miss the next round.
When they see videos that are overdesigned, overpolished, when they sense it is pretentious, when they think it is meant to fool them into thinking that a product is way cooler than it should be, or a person is someone that he or she is not, then they basically break away from that and they just shut it off," he elaborated.
And while certainly fancy, the service, as we'd found at the hotel, was warm and welcoming, but in a genuine way, not an irritating overpolished way.
Re Arg from TOWIE having a bronze-painted, overpolished, deadeyed, mute statue of Buddha in his living room.
I sent the pistol back to Colt for evaluation, and they told me I'd have to have a new lower frame receiver because the present frame ramp has been way overpolished and worked down too far, causing the feeding problem.
The grainy, crackly sound seems to contrast with the ideology of Young's Pono digital project against lower-quality formats, yet every imperfection is a jab to overpolished studio work.
The grainy, crackly sound's every imperfection is a jab to overpolished studio work.
Seasick Steve at Wales Millennium Centre IN a time when you can't move for overpolished X Factor wannabes, the paired down offerings of bluesman Seasick Steve are a revelation.
The fabled Hawaiian hospitality is alive and well, although often contorted by the overpolished marketing schemes of hotels, resorts and other establishments poised to profit from it.
While the screenplay by Thompson and Paula Barnes feels a little overpolished in places and carries just the slightest whiff of sentimentality, the pic's peculiar atmosphere, strong perfs and fine visuals more than compensate.