v. t.1.To search all over.
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When buyers fail to search optimally, it is useful to divide their mistakes into two types of errors: undersearch and oversearch.
Type 2 error (oversearch): Subjects searched when they should not have, i.e., the additional search did not yield a higher value.
Table 6 shows that irrespective of the process of belief formation, subjects in the MI and PSMI treatment tend to err on the side of oversearch (Type 2 error).
In their study of petroleum coke contracts, Goldberg and Erickson argue that a principal reason to include price adjustment mechanisms in longterm contracts is to reduce precontractual oversearch of information.
Kenney and Klein [1983] note that the exhibitor may have an incentive to oversearch and show that the liquidated damages provision of the block-booking contract often used before it was outlawed limited search.