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 (ôf′shôr′, ŏf′-)
1. Moving or directed away from the shore: an offshore wind.
a. Located at a distance from the shore: an offshore mooring; offshore oil-drilling platforms.
b. Located or based in a foreign country and not subject to tax laws: offshore bank accounts; offshore investments.
1. Away from the shore: The storm moved offshore.
2. At a distance from the shore: a boat moored offshore.
The comparatively flat region of submerged land extending seaward from beyond the region where breakers form to the edge of the continental shelf.
tr.v. off·shored, off·shor·ing, off·shores
To outsource (production or services) to another country.


adj, adv
1. from, away from, or at some distance from the shore
2. NZ overseas; abroad
3. sited or conducted at sea as opposed to on land: offshore industries.
4. (Economics) based or operating abroad in places where the tax system is more advantageous than that of the home country: offshore banking; offshore fund.


(ˈɔfˈʃɔr, -ˈʃoʊr, ˈɒf-)

1. off or away from the shore.
2. at a distance from the shore, on or in a body of water.
3. in a foreign country.
4. moving or tending away from the shore toward or into a body of water: an offshore wind.
5. located or operating on or in a body of water, at some distance from the shore.
6. registered, located, conducted, or operated in a foreign country.
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Adj.1.offshore - (of winds) coming from the land; "offshore winds"
inshore, onshore, shoreward, seaward - (of winds) coming from the sea toward the land; "an inshore breeze"; "an onshore gale"; "sheltered from seaward winds"
2.offshore - at some distance from the shore; "offshore oil reserves"; "an offshore island"
marine - relating to or characteristic of or occurring on or in the sea
Adv.1.offshore - away from shore; away from land; "cruising three miles offshore"
onshore - on or toward the land; "they were living onshore"
آتِيَه من الشّاطِئبَعيدا عن الشّاطِئ
aflands-, grunnsævis-aflandsvindur
v pobrežných vodách
kıyıdan denize doğrukıyıdan uzak


1. (= near the shore) [island] → cercano a la costa, del litoral; [waters] → de la costa, del litoral
offshore fishingpesca f de bajura
2. (= out at sea) [rig, platform, drilling] → off-shore adj inv, costa afuera; [well] → submarino
offshore oilpetróleo m de costa afuera
offshore oilfieldcampo m petrolífero submarino
3. (= from land) [breeze] → que sopla de la tierra, terral
4. (Fin) [account, fund] → en un paraíso fiscal/en paraísos fiscales, offshore inv (Tech)
he has an offshore accounttiene una cuenta en un paraíso fiscal, tiene una cuenta offshore (Tech)
people with offshore accountsla gente con cuentas en paraísos fiscales, la gente con cuentas offshore (Tech)
offshore bankingoperaciones fpl bancarias en paraísos fiscales
offshore investmentsinversiones fpl en paraísos fiscales
1. (= near the coast) [lie, anchor, fish] → cerca de la costa
they were just offshoreestaban en las inmediaciones de la costa
2. (= out at sea) [drill] → off-shore, costa afuera
3. (= away from the shore) the current carried him offshorela corriente lo alejaba de la costa or hacia el interior del mar
they were rescued 20 miles offshorelos rescataron a 20 millas de la costa
4. (Fin) [invest] → en un paraíso fiscal/en paraísos fiscales
people who invest offshorela gente que invierte en paraísos fiscales


[breeze] → de terre
[island] → proche du littoral
[fishing] → côtier/ière
[oil industry] → offshore inv
Britain's offshore oil industry → l'industrie pétrolière offshore de la Grande-Bretagne
offshore oilfield → gisement m pétrolier en mer, gisement m pétrolier offshore
adv [anchor] → au large
to be 5000 yards offshore → être à 5 kilomètres de la côte


offshore banking
n (Fin) → Offshorebankgeschäfte pl
offshore company
n (Fin) → Offshorefirma f
offshore fishery
offshore well
nOffshorebohrloch nt
offshore worker
nOffshorearbeiter(in) m(f)


[ˈɒfˈʃɔːʳ] adj (breeze) → di terra; (island) → vicino/a alla costa; (fishing) → costiero/a; (oil rig) → off-shore inv


(of) adverb
1. away (from a place, time etc). He walked off; She cut her hair off; The holidays are only a week off; She took off her coat.
2. not working; not giving power etc. The water's off; Switch off the light.
3. not at work. He's taking tomorrow off; He's off today.
4. completely. Finish off your work.
5. not as good as usual, or as it should be. His work has gone off recently
6. (of food) rotten. This milk has gone off – we can't drink it; (also adjective) That meat is certainly off.
7. out of a vehicle, train etc. The bus stopped and we got off.
8. cancelled. The marriage is off.
1. away from; down from. It fell off the table; a mile off the coast; He cut about five centimetres off my hair.
2. not wanting or allowed to have (food etc). The child is off his food.
3. out of (a vehicle, train etc). We got off the bus.
ˌoff-ˈchance noun
a slight chance. We waited, on the off-chance (that) he might come.
ˌoff-ˈcolour , (American) ˌoff-ˈcolor adjective
not very well. She's a bit off-colour this morning.
ˌoffˈhand adjective
acting or speaking so casually that one is being rude. offhand behaviour.
without thinking about something first. I can't tell you the answer offhand.
ˌoffˈhandedly adverb
ˌoffˈhandedness noun
ˌoffˈshore adjective
1. in or on the sea, not far from the coast. offshore oil-wells.
2. (of winds) blowing away from the coast, out to sea.
ˌoffˈside adverb
(in football, hockey etc) in a position (not allowed by the rules) between the ball and the opponents' goal. The referee disallowed the goal because one of the players was offside.
(of a vehicle etc) on the side nearest to the centre of the road. the front offside wheel.
ˌoff-ˈwhite adjective
not quite white, eg slightly yellow etc. an off-white dress.
badly, well off
poor, rich. The family was quite well off.
be off with you!
go away!.
in the offing
about to happen. He has a new job in the offing.
off and on / on and off
sometimes; occasionally. I see him off and on at the club.
the off season the period, at a hotel, holiday resort etc, when there are few visitors: It's very quiet here in the off season; adjective (etc)
off-season rates.
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