v. t.1.To slide over or by.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Wilson had every right to leave the batter's box and Felts was within his rights to throw to second in case the runner should overslide the base.
His prize is a Shakespeare MACH 2 Commercial 13ft rod, which features a cork-hyperlon handle, overslide joints and a screw lock reel seat.
The 36-car field included just one "C" Grade (White Roof) qualifier, Ian Brickley from Hinckley but an overslide on the first turn put him out of contention and "B" Grade (Yellow Roof) driver Nigel Whalley took over the lead until he dropped out at about the same time as a race suspension was introduced.
Legislative proposals already show the potential to overslide the base
On the other hand, given the difficulty of legislating a precise definition of each potential characteristic of a predatory loan, the industry should be concerned that federal, state or local efforts could overslide the base-that is, impose restrictions far beyond what is necessary to address existing consumer abuses.
It is fitted with overslide joints and hollow tip and is supplied in a rod bag and protective tube.
The spec includes a hollow tip, lined guides and overslide joints with a cork and hyperlon handle.
A combination of crisp action or the velvet glove touch with good quality lined guides, overslide joints, cork handle and a fixed reel seat fitting is sending the Borak Barbel (pictured below) flying off the shelves.
The quality spec includes lined rings, graphite reel seat fittings, overslide joints and an abbreviated Hyperlon handle.
If he overslides and is tagged out before getting back to the base safely, he shall be credited with only as many bases as he attained safely.