n.1.(Anat.) The outer layer of a Graafian follicle.
2.(Zool.) Same as Oötheca.
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Note the nodular structures, b) gland with aborted ovicapsule mass (arrow).
(2008), who consider the development of vas deferens, pseudopenis, the convolution of the oviduct and the occurrence of aborted ovicapsules.
16% of females contained compacted ovicapsules inside the gland, forming a brown solid sphere (Fig.
chocolata examined had a vermiform structure called pseudopenis and a continuous vas deferens, followed by 19% females with ovicapsules aborted in the lumen of the capsule gland, corresponding to the last grade in the scale of Rodriguez et al.
These observations may have been biased by the methodology used by Rodriguez as they were based only on field observations where sampling days did not necessarily coincide with days when ovicapsules were present.