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a.1.(Law) Equal.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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2 Other variants of the sua sponte doctrine obligate a court to act, rather than prohibit a court from acting, "on its own." Most of these pertain to trial courts, such as the duty to conduct sua sponte inquiries into defendants' competence to stand trial (see Owel 1994), but a few implicate appellate courts (e.g., if such courts believe that they do not have jurisdiction to hear a particular dispute, they are obliged to so rule even if no party raised the issue).
Each Macintosh runs both custom software developed at Cornell and Owel International's Guide, and drives a videodisc player containing a copy of the university's videodisc.
About the song:I love how the song was written in the context of the heartbreaker (in my own understanding hehe; Owel wrote it btw).
James Atkinson, 19, was representing England at the loch-style Home International in Lough Owel, Ireland - making him one of the youngest anglers to compete for his country.
On Thursday, April 24, the car that the men travelled to Cavan in was discovered near Lough Owel on the N4 near Mullingar, Co Westmeath.
They had their eye on qualifying for the UK youth fly-fishing championship to be held on Lough Owel, Ireland in June.
more information, call the owel Cancer Advisory Service on 0800 840 3540 or visit the website www.bowelcanceruk.org.uk l cancer colon to bring awareness home
Elsewhere a Flemensfirth own brother to Ponmeoath, who achieved the notable distinction of winning consecutive Kerry Nationals at List owel in September, cost Paul Hennessy EUR22,000.
We also visited the Midlands area, staying at Aideen Ginnell's family farmhouse, Lough Owel Lodge, near Mullingar in Co Westmeath.
There are photos by Owel Mariano, the very able neurosurgeon, and of Benjie Campomanes, documenting his travels.
Gardai, who found their vehicle by Lough Owel, near Mullingar, shortly after they vanished, believe their disappearance may be linked to organised crime.