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Noun1.Owen Wister - United States writer (1860-1938)
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The season concludes with a premiere adaptation of Owen Wister's "The Virginian: A Horseman of the Plaines" (June 5-July 19, 2020) by L.C.
Other letters were sent to Waldo Pierce, Mike Strater, Archibald MacLeish, Thornton Wilder, John Dos Passos, Owen Wister, and Scott Fitzgerald, among others.
Having received myriad awards and honors for his work including Western Writers of America's Owen Wister Award (2018), the National Humanities Medal (2015), the National Medal of Arts (2001) and the Robert Kirsch Award for lifetime achievement from the Los Angeles Times Book Prizes (2012), he lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the Southwest has served as an inspiration for his writing throughout his life.
And like Gaffer and Wormtongue, Strider wasn't a proper name, but an epithet, like Owen Wister's The Virginian, or The Lone Ranger of my childhood cowboy fantasies.
Searching directly in Amazon Books for the Austen quote found other books that mention the Sense and Sensibility phrase, while a search for "little Erard piano was carried each day" finds various reprints of Owen Wister's The Jimmyjohn Boss, and Other Stories.
Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch, Owen Wister's The Virginian, and Kate Douglas Wiggin's Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.
Among later writers, Owen Wister's novel The Virginian is perhaps the best example of popular fiction west of the Mississippi, and John Wayne would have been completely at home in Owen Wister's interpretation of the West.
The Cowboy Legend Owen Wister's Virginian and the Canadian-American Frontier
The Cowboy Legend: Owen Wister's Viriginian and the the Canadian-American Frontier
Synopsis: "The Cowboy Legend: Owen Wister's Virginian and the Canadian American Ranching Frontier" by John Jennings (Associate Professor Emeritus in the Department of History at Trent University) details the evidence that Everett Johnson was the prime inspiration for Owen Wister's cowboy.
MAY 28 Owen Wister publishes his novel The Virginian, which is set in Wyoming and considered the first true western.
This edition's annual bibliographical feature is a primary bibliography of Western writer Owen Wister. The 'Prospects' feature explores prospects for the study of Charlotte Perkins Gilman.