a.1.Having eyes like an owl's.
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When Amy's 12-year-old daughter, the precocious, owl-eyed Jane (Oona Laurence), is benched on the soccer team due to the machinations of Gwendolyn, Amy decides to run against her for PTA president --a standard, 1980s slobs-againstthe-squares plot.
From the owl-eyed Morpho Granadensis and bright yellow Phoebis Philea to the deep blue Caligo Atreus and the black-and-white Idea Leoconoe, the butterflies are a riot of colour.
slit-eyed, Miles owl-eyed Reaper's stare, sunglasses
It's crazy," says Jean Grant, the owl-eyed Liverpool patriot, who hopes her city will lead the world in a great campaign to regain the land for the people.
The most interesting is a large woodblock self portrait that entirely captures the owl-eyed woman seen in photographs of Krause.
Worse, what if that owl-eyed innocent had a knife in his pocket?