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n.1.(Zool.) The aurochs.
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Owre, "Computer algebra meets automated theorem proving: Integrating Maple and PVS," in International Conference on Theorem Proving in Higher Order Logics, pp.
Zooplankton identifications was performed according to Rose (1933), Brodskii (1950), Tregouboff and Rose (1957), Grice (1961), Kasturirangan (1963), Owre and Foyo (1967), Frost and Fleminger (1968), Boltovskoy (1981), Dussart and Defaye (1995), Ozel (1996), Palomares et al.
Owre - William "Bill" Owre, 86, of Oakridge, died Jan.
In Gowther, the Duchess has not conceived after ten years of marriage; her husband the Duke, after assuming she is barren, threatens to cast her off: "Y do bot wast my tyme on the, / Eireles mon owre londes bee.
The auction, held at Ascot Racecourse, featured vehicles such as a 1948 Veritas RS Ex-Bjorn Owre (sold for PS240,000), a 1956 Lotus Eleven Series 1 Le Mans specification (PS102,600) and an Alfa Romeo TZ2 by Giordanengo (PS125,000).
The auld guidwife's weel-hoordit nits, Are round and round divided, And monie lads' an' lasses, fates Are there that night decided: Some kindle coothie, side by side, And burn thegither trimly; Some start awa, wi' saucy pride, An' jump out owre the chimlie Fu' high that night.
Gie me a hill wi' the heather on't, An' a reid sun drappin' doon, Or the mists o' the mornin' risin' saft Wi' the reek owre a wee grey toon.
2r: Jon de Maundevyle knyht pawh pat y be noht wordi pat was borne in inglond in pe town of Seint albonis and passid pe se in pe 3ere of owre lord ihesu crist M (1) CCC 3ere on pe day of Seint Michelle
Instead, a light touch on the important Gager-Rainolds debate introduces, almost by accident, a reference to two of the key Latin texts which informed the experience of the early modern scholar and the traditions of university drama, via the standard passage so often quoted in which Gager champions the academic aims of university drama: 'to recreate owre selves, owre House, and the better parte of the Vniuersitye, with some learned Poeme or other; to practyse owre owne style eyther in prose or verse; to be well acquaynted with Seneca or Plautus', and so on (42).
are owre lo ofr fl to wwhc Christine has been flat out in the run up to Christmas and a well-earned break with her family - husband Eddie, and children Rory, 19, Darragh, 17 and 13-year-old Annie.
FAR IS THE LOVE Fit's wrang wi the warl, mither Fowk livin like they surely canna hae mithers I some think the hale warl's thirl't tae the mineer Only thirl't tae ferlies tae gaur ye sweir Owre the waater, aye we rebat anent the coorse Bit we still hae the unco coorse bidin In the USA, the muckle CIA The Bloods an the Crips an the KKK Gin we jist hae the loo for aa wir ain Syne ye only need time tae haaver the twain An tae haaver can ony pit up yer birss An fin yer birse gings up yer bound tae roose, ay
Humphrey, Kaloudis, and Owre (2000) find that the share of cash used at point-of-sale in Norway declined from 91 percent in 1981 to 50 percent in 1999.