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n.1.(Zool.) The aurochs.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Many times the 'bread' is simply documented as a Corpus Christi day expense: for example, 'Item payd ffor owre scheld xij d'.
"A solution is chuggin reekily owre the horizon: the Buchan railway line".
But a blicht cam owre my puir wee flowers, I' the time o' the frost an' the snaw; For they nestl'd their heids i' my sorrowin' breast, An' they droopit an' dow'd awa.
Other studies have also examined the influence of the dynamics of the Caribbean on zooplankton community structure (Park, 1970; Owre & Foyo, 1972; Michele & Foyo, 1976; Franco-Herrera, Castro, & Tigreros, 2006; Taylor et al., 2012).
In particular, Humphrey, Kaloudis, and Owre (2004) reported that cash payments play an important role in the shadow economy but are not measured regularly.
Owre, "Computer algebra meets automated theorem proving: Integrating Maple and PVS," in International Conference on Theorem Proving in Higher Order Logics, pp.
AddDJP: owre tyme of turnyng.' for yn [??]e lest moment of an howre (cf.
Zooplankton identifications was performed according to Rose (1933), Brodskii (1950), Tregouboff and Rose (1957), Grice (1961), Kasturirangan (1963), Owre and Foyo (1967), Frost and Fleminger (1968), Boltovskoy (1981), Dussart and Defaye (1995), Ozel (1996), Palomares et al.
Owre - William "Bill" Owre, 86, of Oakridge, died Jan.
In Gowther, the Duchess has not conceived after ten years of marriage; her husband the Duke, after assuming she is barren, threatens to cast her off: "Y do bot wast my tyme on the, / Eireles mon owre londes bee." (34) Desperate, she prays to conceive a child "On what maner scho ne roghth"; the result is a terrifying experience in an orchard, where a man "As lyke hur lorde as he myght be" comes to her, copulates with her, and then rises from her revealing itself to be "a felturd fende." (35) The same anxiety of inheritance plagues Robert the Deuyll from the very beginning, and could even be said to serve as the generative force for the entire text.
The auction, held at Ascot Racecourse, featured vehicles such as a 1948 Veritas RS Ex-Bjorn Owre (sold for PS240,000), a 1956 Lotus Eleven Series 1 Le Mans specification (PS102,600) and an Alfa Romeo TZ2 by Giordanengo (PS125,000).
The auld guidwife's weel-hoordit nits, Are round and round divided, And monie lads' an' lasses, fates Are there that night decided: Some kindle coothie, side by side, And burn thegither trimly; Some start awa, wi' saucy pride, An' jump out owre the chimlie Fu' high that night.