a.1.(Chem.) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid NH2.CO.CO.HO obtained as a fine crystalline powder, intermediate between oxalic acid and oxamide. Its ammonium salt is obtained by boiling oxamide with ammonia.
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Previous study has shown that N-isopropyl oxamate was an effective and selective inhibitor due to the close chemical structure existing between N-isopropyl oxamic acid and the best substrate for HADH-isozyme II, the a-keto isocaproate (Elizondo et al.
Pyruvic acid sodium salt, 3-fluoropyruvic acid sodium salt, arsenic acid potassium salt, oxamic acid sodium salt, D,L-carnitine, CoA lithium salt, [NAD+.
Additional metabolites identified in human blood and/or urine include chloramphenicol glycol alcohol, chloramphenicol aldehyde, chloramphenicol oxamic acid, chloramphenicol amine, and chloramphenicol base (97,115-118).