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(Elements & Compounds) any of 13 heterocyclic compounds with the formula C4H5NO
[from oxy-2 + azine]
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(ˈɒk səˌzin, -zɪn)

any of a group of 13 compounds having the formula C4H5NO, the atoms of which are arranged in a six-membered ring.
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In this study, Flow cytometric analysis of Oxazine 750-stained reticulocytes was done with the help of Miles H*3 blood analyser to determine reticulocyte indices.
The large numbers of biologically active molecules that contain the oxazine nucleus has play important roles in the drug discovery process and exhibit various biological activities [1, 2].
We previously reported the synthesis of some novel disperse dyes based on substituted pyridines and their derivatives, oxazine, carbooxyanilide and thiocarbamate and evaluated their insecticidal and antifungal activity [18, 19].
The reaction involves the use of a di-functional phenolic derivative and diamine, producing a linear polymer that contains oxazine rings in its main-chain [20].
Ishida, "Synthesis and ring-opening polymerization of 2-substituted 1,3-benzoxazine: the first observation of the polymerization of oxazine ring-substituted benzoxazines," Polymer Chemistry, vol.
For optical fluorescent method, polymethine and oxazine fluorescent dyes are used in the PLT-O and PLT-F analysis, respectively.
The increase of the binding energy of N[H.sub.3] with the neutral PMD molecule occurs due to the structure of associate in which the N-H bond of the ammonia molecule closes the six-membered ring with the OCNH group of the oxazine ring.
Spirooxazine dyes open their oxazine rings upon UV irradiation; the concentration of spirooxazine in its ring-opened form increases.
Oxazine 170 was chosen to calculate the optical gain possibility in polymeric optical fiber structures.
FTIR (KBr): v = 1498 (tri-substituted phenyl group); 1231 (s; [v.sub.as] (C-O-C of benzoxazine ring)), 1016 (s; [v.sub.s] (C-O-C of benzoxazine ring)); 1085 (s; vas (Si-O-C)); 931 (oxazine ring).
According to Wang and Ishida 2000, the polymerization occurred at oxazine structure via ring opening influence by distortion of its semichair structure above and below benzene ring plane.