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(Elements & Compounds) any of 13 heterocyclic compounds with the formula C4H5NO
[from oxy-2 + azine]


(ˈɒk səˌzin, -zɪn)

any of a group of 13 compounds having the formula C4H5NO, the atoms of which are arranged in a six-membered ring.
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Among the topics are organic building blocks for molecular engineering, the design and synthesis of organic molecules for molecular electronics, molecular storage systems for solar thermal energy storage and conversion, strategies to switch fluorescence with photochromic oxazines, recognizing carbohydrates, the synthesis and function of cyclodextrin-based artificial enzymes, and dendrimers in biology and nanomedicine.
Additionally, the polymerization of N-allyl groups at lower temperature (17) before the ring-opening polymerization of oxazines lead to a mild crosslinking state which would affect the mobility of reaction functional groups, which also could resulted in a higher E.
1] can be clearly observed, which is due to the asymmetric stretching of C-O-C in the oxazine ring of BA-aptms monomer.
It is believed that the amide linkage formed before the oxazine ring-opening will lead to polybenzoxazine/PU copolymer of different structure and properties, which is also prerequisite to further understand the effect of the terminal groups of HBP on the thermal-mechanical performance of the novel [HPU.
According to Wang and Ishida 2000, the polymerization occurred at oxazine structure via ring opening influence by distortion of its semichair structure above and below benzene ring plane.
1), the characteristic resonances of oxazine ring at 3.
1], which are assigned to the symmetric and asymmetric stretching of C--N--C asymmetric stretching of C--N--C of the oxazine ring, respectively.
1] assigned to C--O--C stretching mode of oxazine ring whereas the band around 1497 [cm.
1)HNMR spectroscopy was helpful in assigning the methylene units, which are characteristic of aromatic oxazine (see Fig.
This implies that the gelation process of these binary mixtures was controlled mainly by the ring-opening polymerization of the oxazine ring in both three monomers thus resulting in the similar [DELTA] E values.
1], which is the benzene ring mode with oxazine ring (25), (26), and 1230 [cm.