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Noun1.Oxford English Dictionary - an unabridged dictionary constructed on historical principles
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There are, in the Oxford English Dictionary, 324 words ending in -lessness, from affectlessness to zeallessness, yet there are only 279 ending in -fulness, staring with abhorfulness and ending with zestfulness.
I read on the Oxford English Dictionary's website that one of their humble drudges has drooled that "bovvered has taken over from 'whatever' as the signature phrase of teenagers."
Oxford English Dictionary spokesman Graeme Diamond said more evidence was needed for the word to be included in the book.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary the term started life as American slang.
The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary on CD-ROM Version 2.0 offers several improvements and new features, including Boolean and exact-character searches; new sound recordings to allow you to hear the standard British pronunciations of more than 100,000 words; and automatic look-up from any Microsoft Office application.
THE NEW SHORTER Oxford English Dictionary, all two volumes and 3,984 pages of it, has been around the house for some time now since its publication late last year.
All of these expressions are among the 3,500 additions to the new edition of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, updated to record words that have entered the language since its last revision, in 1993.
I had to jog my memory after reading your passionate letter, but the Oxford English Dictionary confirmed that above all else asylum is understood to be a "sanctuary, place of refuge and safety, esp.
It was Boorstin who defined a celebrity as someone "well known for his well-knownness" (a phrase now included in the Oxford English Dictionary).
[One must decide whether one is on the take or on the make.] My Shorter Oxford English Dictionary shows on p.
The Chief Editor, Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford University Press, Walton Street, Oxford OX2 6DP, UK fax no.
YOGALATES, gender fluid, fuhgeddaboudit and YOLO are among more than 1,000 new entries in the latest Oxford English Dictionary.

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