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Noun1.oxidation number - the degree of oxidation of an atom or ion or molecule; for simple atoms or ions the oxidation number is equal to the ionic charge; "the oxidation number of hydrogen is +1 and of oxygen is -2"
number - a concept of quantity involving zero and units; "every number has a unique position in the sequence"
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"In this work, we followed bismuth's oxidation states at different potentials and were able to identify the catalyst's active state during carbon dioxide reduction."
The Institute of Chemistry of the University of Zurich is planning to procure a piece of laboratory equipment for X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) to study the oxidation states and bonding in chemical materials.
XRD and XPS analyses revealed that the oxidation states of the constituent elements of the CZTS films corresponded to the [Cu.sub.2]ZnSn[S.sub.4] phase.
Different forms of polyaniline it its different oxidation states. [Color figure can be viewed at wileyonlinelibrary.com]
Lead compounds exist in two main oxidation states: +4 and +2.
In mineralogy, the colors in gemstones can be explained by their material makeup and the identity of the transition metal impurity in them." The various colors in cuprite and malachite are explained by differences in oxidation states of copper ions in their crystal structures.
The ARs were analyzed by scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM, JEM-ARM200F), and their compositions, grain sizes, crystal structures, and oxidation states within 1 [micro]m far away from an interface between the alloy and the AR were examined.
[right arrow] Ru(VIII) appear to be the predominant oxidation states:
It is believed that the existence of nano-FeOx in several oxidation states was behind the boosting inspired electronically.
The chemical oxidation states of Ru and Zn in the Ru-doped ZnO samples were analyzed by the XPS technique.
Copper is a trace element which is essential in human body, which exists in two different oxidation states, Cu+ and Cu++.