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 (gŏs′ən, gŏz-)
An exposed, oxidized portion of a mineral vein, especially a rust-colored outcrop of iron ore.

[Cornish gossen, from gōs, blood, from Old Cornish guit.]
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(Mining & Quarrying) an oxidized portion of a mineral vein in rock
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(ˈgɒs ən, ˈgɒz-)

a rust-colored, oxidized deposit along an exposed iron-bearing vein.
[1770–80; orig. dial. (Cornwall) < Cornish, derivative of gōs blood; akin to Welsh gwaed]
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The system under investigation could be divided into three zones (i) upper zone (sheets 1-11) with low DO concentration ranging from 0.04-2.16 mg O2/l, and high organic carbon concentration (ii) upper oxidized zone (sheets 11-33) in this zone DO concentration increased from 2.16 to 3.9 mg O2/l with reduced in organic carbon (iii) lower oxidized zone, (Sheets 33-55) with increased DO concentration from 3.9 to 5.4mg O2/l and low organic carbon availability.
If this study and that of Fausey and others (2000) are combined, two endpoints of a continuum between the oxidized zone at the surface and the unoxidized zone at depth are linked by common connection, the fracture.
Shallow stain of unknown dimensions; non-oxidized fill 11 Indeterminate 53 x 47 Shallow, circular/elliptical pit/basin; non-oxidized fill 12 Mortuary 84 x 102 Elongated basin with rounded bottom and sloping sides; oxidized fill 13 Indeterminate 20 x 42 Elongated stain; oxidized fill 14 Storage/refuse 60 x 65 Circular pit with steep sides and rounded bottom; non-oxidized fill 15 Storage/refuse 20 x 21 Circular pit with steep sides and rounded bottom; non-oxidized fill 16 Thermal 71 x 71 Circular basin with steep sides, flat bottom; oxidation ring 17 Thermal 58 x 58 Circular basin with gently rounded bottom; oxidation ring 18A Thermal 90 x 103 Conical pit; oxidized zone 18B Storage/refuse 35 x ?
Resource modelling work on the North Portia oxidized zone by Havilah geologists and consultants, continued.
A similar pattern of zoning is associated with the oxidized zone of the Girilambone mine, at Girilambone, New South Wales.
The fresh rock beneath the oxidized zone and several anomalous structural targets have not been tested and ABM intends to test this project with 2 to 3 RC / diamond holes into structural targets in 2010.For the complete ABM Resources ASX Announcement and Figures, please click the link below:http://www.abnnewswire.net/media/en/docs/62424-ASX-ABU-483238.pdfAbout ABM Resources Nl:The Company owns a portfolio of base metals and gold project interests.
Because mining in the small deposit has now passed through the oxidized zone, it is highly unlikely that any more specimens will be discovered.
Pyromorphite pockets in the oxidized zone are mainly found at elevations greater than 1190 meters.
Occurrence: In the oxidized zone in a "nest" consisting of galena, tetrahedrite and tennantite in a quartz vein.