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(Placename) the ancient name for the Amu Darya
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A•mu Dar•ya

(ˈɑ mu ˈdɑr yə)
a river in central Asia, flowing NW from the Pamirs to the Aral Sea. ab. 1400 mi. (2250 km) long. Also called Oxus.
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"The Poet wandering on, through Arabie And Persia, and the wild Carmanian waste, And o'er the aerial mountains which pour down Indus and Oxus from their icy caves--" and that other passage beginning
Listen in the north, my boys, there's trouble on the wind; Tramp o' Cossack hooves in front, gray great-coats behind, Trouble on the Frontier of a most amazin' kind, Trouble on the waters o' the Oxus!
In the 4th century BC, Alexander the Great was extending the reach of Hellenic influence eastward during his conquest of Central Asia in the area known in the classical era as Transoxiana, that is the land beyond the Oxus, an area today shared by Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan.
Schomberg writes in his Between the Oxus and the Indus, that when the ruler was attending the building of a new house at Kammi (Khamikot), he told his servants to set aside their arms and help in this meritorious work.
But perhaps the most incredible find is of a trading outpost located at Shortugai, near the Oxus river near the northern border of modern Afghanistan!
Evidence for contacts is particularly found during the Oxus Civilization (aka the Bactria-Margiana Archaeological Complex) dating to 2300-1700 BC.
Gilgit Baltistan was important in 1880s during the great game when Russian was occupying Central Asian cities and was pressing Pamirs, Oxus and Afghanistan.
Eventually they will join to form the Panj River which flows the length of the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan, becoming in the process the legendary Oxus River which, with its sister river the Jaxartes, will flow 1,400 kilometres west into the Aral Sea.
He is a senior India analyst for New York-based macroeconomic policy advisory firm- the Observatory Group, besides being a Chairman of Oxus Research and Investments.
Imagine actually viewing from the air the eponymous Indus that gave my country India its name and the mighty Oxus that challenged Alexander the Great in his march to the East.
'We are quite clear and agreed on the principle that we should not wage a water-war against each other, rather we should have an accord between Kabul and Islamabad as just like the water agreements between Afghanistan and Central Asian states on the Oxus River,' Marastyal said.
The word's origins are Greek - "oxus" (sharp) and "moros" (dull).