Ozark Plateau

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O·zark Plateau

or O·zark Mountains  (ō′zärk′)
An upland region of the south-central United States extending from southwest Missouri across northwest Arkansas into eastern Oklahoma.
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Noun1.Ozark Plateau - an area of low mountains in northwestern Arkansas and southeastern Missouri and northeastern OklahomaOzark Plateau - an area of low mountains in northwestern Arkansas and southeastern Missouri and northeastern Oklahoma
Arkansas, Land of Opportunity, AR - a state in south central United States; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War
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The boys decided to visit a camp they had never attended before, so they went to Camp Lewallen, a 500 acre camp on the edge of the Ozark plateau near Silva, MO.
<br />Of the remaining money, $316,000 will go to rehabilitate the Oklahoma Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office Building and repair public access parking and the Observation Tower on Route #103 in Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge; $245,000 will go to rehabilitate Sand Creek Fishing Access Road in Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge; $173,000 will go to repair Black Creek Public Access Road and Parking in Little River National Wildlife Refuge; and $84,000 will go to replace the public use pavilion on Looney Tract in Ozark Plateau National Wildlife Refuge.
We explored the Ozark Plateau Trail--a barrier-free path designed for wheelchairs, baby strollers and foot traffic.
Miles James also earned wide recognition for the cuisine he called Ozark Plateau, including being named one of the "Rising Star Chefs of the 21st Century" by the James Beard Foundation.
The smoketree is a rare endemic tree with a relictual distribution comprising three localized populations: (1) on the Ozark Plateau in Arkansas and Missouri with a few scattered stations in eastern Oklahoma, (2) from the southern Cumberland Plateau in northeastern Alabama and adjacent Tennessee and Georgia, and (3) on the Edward's Plateau of south-central Texas (Little 1977; Davis & Graves 2016).
See also Elmo Igenthron, Indians of the Ozark Plateau (Point Lookout, MO: School of the Ozarks Press, 1970), 153.
The Ozark Plateau is in the states of Missouri and--.
This study focused on the effects of land use and municipal wastewater treatment plant effluent discharge on water quality and sediment nutrients in streams draining the Eucha-Spainvaw Basin in the Ozark Plateau in northeast Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas.
The Ozark Plateau ecosystem of eastern Oklahoma, western Arkansas, and southern Missouri boasts an exceptional assemblage of important hardwood forests, high quality rocky bottom clear streams, and unique springs and caves.
The entire facility is part of the Ozark Border Natural Division, which consists of the area to the north and east of the Ozark Plateau (Nigh et al., 1992).
If the trees were sugar maples of New England fame, they would have left the comforts of home behind somewhere along the Ozark Plateau, about 200 miles and a lot of open prairie to the east.
The "home" market is not only Sonoma County or the Ozark plateau, the "home" market is London, Stockholm, Tokyo, Singapore, Rome and Toronto.

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