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 (ō-zä′wə), Seiji Born 1935.
Japanese-born conductor noted for directing the San Francisco Symphony (1970-1976), the Boston Symphony Orchestra (1973-2002), and the Vienna State Opera (2002-2010).
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Noun1.Ozawa - United States conductor (born in Japan in 1935)
Nihon, Nippon, Japan - a constitutional monarchy occupying the Japanese Archipelago; a world leader in electronics and automobile manufacture and ship building
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Following his failure to get Ozawa to shift position, Noda could be forced to make a decision on whether to continue persuading the leader of the biggest intraparty group or to seek the support of the main opposition Liberal Democratic Party.
Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, who heads the Democratic Party of Japan, and Ichiro Ozawa, the ruling party's former leader, are expected to hold talks next week over the government's planned consumption tax hike, a senior DPJ lawmaker said Tuesday.
The ruling Democratic Party of Japan decided Tuesday to lift the party membership suspension of former leader Ichiro Ozawa following his acquittal last month of charges of falsifying political funds reports.
A high-profile funds reporting case involving former ruling party leader Ichiro Ozawa will go to a higher court following an appeal made Wednesday against his recent acquittal, a move that is likely to constrain his political ambitions such as challenging Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda's tax hike plan.
Former Democratic Party of Japan leader Ichiro Ozawa was found not guilty of false political funds reporting on Thursday, a decision likely to revive his political prospects but add more uncertainty to the ongoing tax-hike debate facing the DPJ-led government.
Democratic Party of Japan Secretary General Azuma Koshiishi on Thursday expressed his eagerness to lift the suspension of former DPJ leader Ichiro Ozawa's party membership following the not guilty verdict for Ozawa over a political funds scandal.
A ruling will be handed down Thursday on former Democratic Party of Japan leader Ichiro Ozawa at the Tokyo District Court over false political funds reporting, with the political fate of the ruling party heavyweight hanging in the balance.
Opposition parties renewed their demand for ruling party kingpin Ichiro Ozawa to give sworn testimony in parliament, lawmakers said Thursday, following the commencement of the veteran lawmaker's trial for alleged false reporting of his political funds.
Former Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara, seen as a leading contender in the Democratic Party of Japan's presidential election next week, is facing difficulties in securing support from Ichiro Ozawa, a power broker in the ruling party, sources familiar with the situation said Wednesday.
One-time ruling party kingpin Ichiro Ozawa intends to meet party leader and Prime Minister Naoto Kan soon to voice his discontent with the premier's handling of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, and the subsequent nuclear crisis, allies of the veteran politician said Thursday.
The Democratic Party of Japan formally decided Tuesday to suspend the party membership of its former leader Ichiro Ozawa following his indictment last month over a funds scandal.