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Noun1.Ozothamnus - genus of Australian shrubs and perennial herbs; sometimes included in genus Helichrysum
asterid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous herbs and some trees and shrubs
aster family, Asteraceae, Compositae, family Asteraceae, family Compositae - plants with heads composed of many florets: aster; daisy; dandelion; goldenrod; marigold; lettuces; ragweed; sunflower; thistle; zinnia
cascade everlasting, Helichrysum secundiflorum, Ozothamnus secundiflorus - shrub with white woolly branches and woolly leaves having fragrant flowers forming long sprays; flowers suitable for drying; sometimes placed in genus Helichrysum
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Common shrub species in the tussock grassland catchment include: Leptospermum scoparium, Ozothamnus leptophyllus, Veronica odora, Coprosma spp., and Dracophyllum spp.
The extra shrubs beside the track, at 50 m west of the Spider-orchid's site, were Prickly Beauty Pultenaea juniperina, Shrub Everlasting Ozothamnus ferrugineus, Lance Currant-bush Leucopogon affinis, Honeysuckle Banksia marginata and Twiggy Daisy-bush Olearia ramulosa.
Tree species include karaka (Corynocarpus laevigatas), mahoe (Melicytus ramiflorus), broadleaf (Griselinia littoralis), lemonwood (Pittosporum eugeniodes) and coastal tree daisy (Olearia solandri), and shrubs include taupata (Coprosma repens), tauhinu (Ozothamnus leptophyllus) and flax (Phormium tenax).