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A game of French origin in which metal balls are thrown toward a target ball, played outside on a roughly surfaced rectangular court.

[French, from Provençal petanco, foot planted like a stake, pétanque (in reference to the fact that players must throw boules from within a small designated area and with both feet touching the ground) : , foot (from Old Provençal, from Latin pēs, ped-; see ped- in Indo-European roots) + tanco, stake, pole (from tancar, to fix firmly, close with a bar, back-formation from Old Provençal estancar, to stop up (taken as es-, out + tancar), from Vulgar Latin *stanticāre, to make stagnant, from Latin stāns, stant-, present participle of stāre, to stand (as in aqua stāns, standing water); see stā in Indo-European roots).]


(Ball Games, other than specified) another name, esp in the South of France, for boules
[from Provençal pèd tanco foot fixed (to the ground)]