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Made of material, usually a semiconductor such as silicon, that has been doped with impurities so that it has an excess of electron holes.

[p(ositive)-type, from the behavior of electron holes as carriers of positive charge.]
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1. (Electronics) (of a semiconductor) having a density of mobile holes in excess of that of conduction electrons
2. (Electronics) associated with or resulting from the movement of holes in a semiconductor: p-type conductivity. Compare n-type
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Elftex P 100, which complements Cabot's existing P-type grades Elftex 254 and Elftex TP, is reported to show a significantly improved performance balance with regard to the five most important criteria for carbon black--particle size, compound moisture absorption, microscopic dispersion, dispersibility, and chemical impurities.
Transistors--which are the switches in an integrated circuit--require two types of semiconductor materials: n-type and p-type. In n-type materials, charge flows through the material via electrons.
New P-type models of the PK Series of two-phase hybrid stepping motors are billed as having the highest torque available for a 1.65 in.
We then apply this methodology to obtain closed-form an alytic expressions for the effective intrinsic carrier concentrations at 300 K in n-type and p-type [Ga.sub.1-x][Al.sub.x] As as functions of the mole fraction x of AlAs between 0.0 and 0.3.
Relatively few experimental and academic studies about bifacial p-type PERC cells have been published to date.
By analogy, p-type semiconductors have p [much greater than] n.
Global Gallium Nitride Market Information: By Type (P-Type And N-Type), End-Use Industry (Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, And Others), And Region
JinkoSolar's cutting-edge technologies -- 60- and 72-cell Cheetah P-type mono-PERC modules -- provide peak power outputs of up to 400 Watt peak (Wp).
The commissioner also directed WASA to computerize all tube wells, repair out of order tube wells within one year and replace old water supply line with P-type. He also issued directives to ensure establishment of a model street and bazaar till 16th for providing quality grocery items to people.
The flexibility of the polyaniline loaded paper with p-type carrier transport will provide an additional advantage in designing flexible electronic devices.