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Noun1.P. G. Wodehouse - English writer known for his humorous novels and stories (1881-1975)
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29-March 1, 2020), a comedy by Margaret Raether based on P.G. Wodehouse's stories.
KARACHI -- One of the first pre-lunch sessions on the final day of the Adab Festival Pakistan at Sindh Governor House was a dramatic presentation on P.G. Wodehouse by Richard Heller.
"The object of all good literature," thinks Sue Brown, a chorus girl and a character in P.G. Wodehouse's novel Summer Lightning, "is to purge the soul of its petty troubles." Something to it, quite a bit actually, though Celine, Samuel Beckett, Edward Albee, and a number of other modern writers who pass for serious would strenuously have disagreed.
Golden Globe winner and seven-time Emmy nominee Hugh Laurie (also known for his role in "House") plays the hapless aristocrat Bertie Wooster, and BAFTA award nominee Stephen Fry (known for his role in "Gosford Park") plays Wooster's hyper-competent valet Jeeves in this DVD adaptation of the hilarious comedy-novels of P.G. Wodehouse. Jeeves & Wooster Complete Collection.
ANSWERS: 1 Stamford Bridge; 2 Cairo; 3 A microlight aircraft; 4 The structure of rocks; 5 Seaweed; 6 Ten; 7 Sir Alexander Fleming; 8 P.G. Wodehouse; 9 Jerusalem; 10 Two.
What is the common name for deuterium ANSWERS: 1 Daily prayer; 2 P.G. Wodehouse; 3 Heavy water; 4 Fotheringhay Castle, Northamptonshire; 5 Jean Rook; 6 The head; 7 Melbourne; 8 28 Days Later; 9 Trent Bridge; 10 A four-wheeled coach.
The inimitable P.G. Wodehouse; the story of his life and a treasury of his wit.
Mike Keith was able to find only four F,U,C,K acrostics in 60 million lines in Project Gutenberg texts, including A Prefect's Uncle by P.G. Wodehouse. This compares well with an expected number of 3.3 such acrostics.
It is 35 years since P.G. Wodehouse died, and his reputation is as secure as ever.
QUIZ CHALLENGE: 1 The groundhog; 2 P.G. Wodehouse; 3 Brooklyn and Manhattan; 4 We Shall Overcome; 5 The Wellington boot (he was the Duke of Wellington).
QUIZ OF THE DAY: 1 The groundhog; 2 P.G. Wodehouse; 3 Brooklyn and Manhattan; 4 We Shall Overcome; 5 The Wellington boot (he was the Duke of Wellington); 6 Bette Midler; 7 Georgia; 8 Thomas Alva Edison; 9 It won the Grand National; 10 Eamon De Valera.
Arrow Books is to publish 43 P.G. Wodehouse titles in paperback upon the expiration of the Penguin licences in 2008.