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or parl.,

1. Parliament.
2. Parliamentary.
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(99) Debats du Senat, 39e parl, 1re sess, vol 143, no 19 (1 juin 2006) aux pp 420-21.
Winterton also said it was wrong that the new Government had set out pounds 6billion in swi ng e i ng c ut s be for e Parl iamentar y business resumes today.
Belfast man Sean Connor left the Oriel Parl club over the weekend after just one season in charge.
Clr Dodds, the council's Cabinet member for schools, is also angry that the letter was sent on official Parl iamentary notepaper.
Under-11s champions Oakfield completed the double with a 2-1 win over Olympia, Anthony Murray hitting a 20-yard lobbed winnerl after Jake Parl had made it 1-1.
Marconi, who are celebrating their 75th anniversary, got the better of hosts Pinley 22-3, while Manor Parl produced a spirited display to hold off Rugby St Andrews 14-3.
Tenders are invited for Ward kadkad pani ke tanki ky pass ramleela parl ky kony sy brijvihar bade naly tak naly ke safai ka karya
Byers referred himself to Parl iamentar y Standards Commissioner John Lyon for an inquiry in a bid to clear his name.
The Oriel Parl club is struggling for cash owing to the downturn in the sponsorship and advertising markets.
Tensions began building last night when protesters surrounded Parl iament, erecting barbed wire and tyre barricades.
Location: Doc (s) jeevan tara bldg, parl. Street, new delhi
Elections 2016: KUWAIT -- Education, housing and unemployment major issues await 2016 Parl't.