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 (bī-fĕn′əl, -fē′nəl)
A white or colorless crystalline compound, C12H10, used as a heat-transfer agent, in fungicides, and in organic synthesis. Also called diphenyl.


(baɪˈfɛnəl; -ˈfiː-)
1. (Elements & Compounds) a white or colourless crystalline solid used as a heat-transfer agent, as a fungicide, as an antifungal food preservative (E230) on the skins of citrus fruit, and in the manufacture of dyes, etc. Formula: C6H5C6H5
2. (Elements & Compounds) any substituted derivative of biphenyl
Also called: diphenyl


(baɪˈfɛn l, -ˈfin l)

a water-insoluble powder, C12H10, from which benzidine dyes are derived: used chiefly as a heat-transfer agent and in organic synthesis.
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Mateo admitted the DepEd encountered challenges in the requirements for the grant of PBB, some of which include factors the department addressed in compliance with the PBB requirements for FY 2017.
Those who have yet to receive their PBB will get it within the week or before March ends," DepEd Undersecretary for Planning and Field Operations Jesus Mateo informed the committee members in a mix of English and Filipino.
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Evidence of possible health effects has been noted in these registry participants and in their children, specifically among women of reproductive age: registry members with greater PBB concentrations (compared with those with lower concentrations) were found to have increased odds of miscarriage (Small et al.
PBB is a part of broader reforms for any government entity which wants to manage results by increasing its focus on service delivery and strengthening public accountability.
Therefore, the objective of the present study was to evaluate the effects of replacing concentrate mixture with different levels of PBB on in vitro fermentation (Trial 1) and the lactation performance of dairy cows (Trial 2).
Health visitors working in Nottingham City were seen as ideally placed to deliver PBB at the universal antenatal contact, a time when parents could be invited into the programme and a therapeutic relationship between health visitor and client established.
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