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or per·due  (pər-do͞o′, -dyo͞o′)
n. Obsolete
A soldier sent on an especially dangerous mission.

[French perdu, masculine past participle, and perdue, feminine past participle (as in sentinelle perdue, lost sentry, sentry posted in a position in which death is likely) of perdre, to lose, from Latin perdere; see perdition.]
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(ˈpɜːdjuː) or


1. (Military) obsolete (of a soldier) placed on hazardous sentry duty
2. (Military) obsolete (of a soldier) placed in a hazardous ambush
3. (of a person or thing) hidden or concealed
4. (Military) obsolete a soldier placed on hazardous sentry duty
5. (Military) obsolete a soldier placed in a hazardous ambush
[C16: via French: lost, from perdre to lose, from Latin perdere to destroy]


(Placename) Mont Perdu the French name for (Monte) Perdido
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or per•due

(pərˈdu, -ˈdyu, pɛr-)

adj., n., pl. -dus or -dues. adj.
1. hidden; concealed; obscured.
2. Obs. a soldier assigned to a very dangerous mission or position.
[1585–95; < French: lost, past participle of perdre < Latin perdere to lose; see perdition]
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[beaucoup moins que] Avec toi je perds mes reperes [beaucoup plus grand que] est un recit psychologique, une introspection dans le sentiment humain.
L'article SoftGroup perd contre Plantil sur l'utilisation du nom Diamantine est apparu en premier sur ALBAYANE .
Of the 40 lakes selected initially, only 16 could be viewed in all five satellite images and were used in our analyses (7 from the CAF area and 9 from PERD, see Table 1).
We've raised maybe $15,000, not more than $20,000, over the past six months," says Perd. "It's sort of the irony of the Billionaires."
Along the national R&D variables, that is, BERD and PERD, also consider the possibility of spillover effects (compare (3)).
In addition, he said PERD is aimed at shifting from the over-reliance on the production and export of cocoa and also diversifying the country's agriculture sector.
La bonne cuisine, qui s'ingenie a pondre des plats appetissants, avec amour et savoir-faire gastronomiques, se perd malheureusement dans cette cacophonie deconcertante.
On perd notre gardien titulaire Salhi la veille de la rencontre a cause d'une blessure, notre capitaine Kenniche quitte le terrain sur blessure apres a peine une demi-heure de jeu, c'est vraiment frustrant.
SITS se replie de 3,81% a 2,27 DT, suivie de Lilas qui cede 3,60% a 13,10 DT et Ennakl qui perd 2,59% a 9,40 DT.
On le sait, Hilary Duff est certes une working girl mais elle est avant tout une super maman : L'actrice de 25 ans ne perd pas une occasion de pouponner son petit Luca Cruz, l'enfant qu'elle a eu avec son mari Mike Comrie, qu'elle a rencontre sur le tournage de Lizzy McGuire.
Mr Ntim directed the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) to raise the targeted 100,000 cashew seedlings under the Planting for Export and Rural Development (PERD) programme to meet the target.