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or PJ's or pj's  (pē′jāz′)
pl.n. Informal

[p(a)j(ama)s, pl. of pajama.]


(piːˈdʒeɪz) or


pl n


(pəˈdʒɑ məz, -ˈdʒæm əz)

n. (used with a pl. v.)
1. nightclothes consisting of loose-fitting trousers and a jacket.
2. loose trousers of silk, cotton, etc., orig. worn in India and parts of the Middle East.
Also, esp. Brit., pyjamas.
[1870–75; pl. of pajama < Hindi, variant of pāyjāma < Persian pāy leg + jāma garment]
pa•ja′maed, adj.


pj's [ˈpiːdʒeɪz] npl (=pyjamas) → pyj m
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The PJS said "it trusts that the journalists are committed to its decisions and the national consensus and in their ability to prevent efforts to weaken the Palestinian front.
Lips pyjamas, PS40 @ Figleaves Black mules, PS18 @ Simply Be THE floral pattern adds a little touch of spring to these PJs.
It said this incident proves what the PJS has been saying all the time regarding Israeli treatment of Palestinian journalists, and lately at a European Parliament hearing in Brussels, which decided to dispatch a special committee to the occupied territories to investigate Israeli violations against Palestinian journalists.
While new pjs are a must, I don't wear them all day, even though when a turkey dinner is on the menu, comfort is a priority.
Be honest that seeing him in those old man's PJs is a massive turn off and you hate them.
In the past six months, Australia Pacific LNG completed more than 100 domestic gas transactions, many with Queensland manufacturers, delivering more than 20 PJs in incremental domestic sales.
Based on the above clinical and imaging characteristics, she was diagnosed with PJS with multiple intussusceptions.
London's High Court said that PJS and NGN had agreed a final order in the action for breach of confidence and misuse of private information.
But PJS successfully appealed and that was the position until earlier this week.
Could never leave the house in pjs but that's just me.
Emma Wilks: I used to live 20 metres from a shop and if I needed to go over after changing into PJs I would simply stick a coat on and change my bottoms.
The reader also endures the tragic effects, the chaos, the confusion, and, ultimately, the heroic efforts of the young PJs and other U.