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A dance movement in which the knees are bent.

[French, from past participle of plier, to fold, bend, from Old French; see pliant.]


(Ballet) a classic ballet practice posture with back erect and knees bent
[French: bent, from plier to bend]



n., pl. pli•és (pliˈeɪz; Fr. pliˈeɪ)
a ballet movement in which the knees are bent and the back is held straight.
[1890–95; < French, n. use of past participle of plier to bend; see ply2]


(bend). Bending of the knees while erect with the feet turned out, heels on the ground; demi plié becomes so low that the heels must be raised; grand plié lower with the buttocks as near the heels (still kept as close to the ground as possible).
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