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1. plural.
2. plurality.
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For [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] Plur. [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] thorn, read "carpel." For [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] chebulic myrobalan, read "chebulic [myrobalan]." This term should also be listed as a sub-entry to [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] which has been omitted.
5 RAVE 3.0 With EDM festivals attracting thousands in neon and electronic music influences dominating radio, artists such as Elite Gymnastics and Unicorn Kid are keeping the PLUR alive with their heartfelt capturing of rave's original idealistic vibes.
Through fashion, Patronage expresses influential messages of peace, love, unity and respect (PLUR).
Asi, la combinacion de dos SSDD (D) masculinos (masc) de tercera persona (3p) plurales (plur) da como resultado una estructura como la esquematizada en (12).
Yet in Tupinamba, in the indicative mood, when the subject was '1' or '13' and the object '2' or '23', the verb did not receive subject prefixes, but object prefixes (oro- '2' or opo- '23', as for example in oro-nupa /('1/13') 2-hit/ 'I/we (excl.) hit you'; opo-nupa /('1/13') 23-hit/ 'I/we (excl.) hit you (plur.)).
Adventurer Sebastian Plur Nilssen was attacked last week as he slept in a tent with expedition partner Ludvig Fjeld on the Arctic island of Svalbard.
But this is not written, rather: "the appearance of the son of gods" (plur.)--those are the angels, who are called sons of gods.
[diamond] 3 (Au plur.) Ceux qui ont vecu avant nous, les hommes des siecles passes.
Firstly, there has been an emphasis on the inclusiveness of club cultures from the 'peace, love, unity and respect' (hereafter PLUR) ethos of early acid house and rave through to the communality and spirituality identified in contemporary electronic dance music scenes.
This "shadowy subculture of youth" is theorized to be reacting against the "modern materialism of the 'me' generation," embracing "a party etiquette of peace, love, unity and respect, which is captured in the rave logo 'PLUR'" (Weir, 2000, p.