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A type of semiconductor field effect transistor used in integrated circuit technology that consumes very little power and can be highly miniaturized.

[m(etal)-o(xide)-s(emiconductor) f(ield)-e(ffect) t(ransistor).]


(Electronics) electronics metal-oxide-silicon field-effect transistor; a type of IGFET
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m], NMOS phase shifter gives inverting all-pass function and the PMOS one produces non-inverting all-pass output.
3) While N input is taken at high logic level and P input is at low logic level, the diodes between NMOS and PMOS bulks to Out are directly polarized and there is a short between N and P, resulting in static power dissipation.
Are coupled with an external PMOS disconnect switch.
As a world's first, Fujitsu Laboratories developed new technology for 32nm-generation LSIs that can be used with existing 45nm-generation fabrication facilities using a (110) silicon substrate to enable increase in PMOS on-current, with no drop in NMOS on-current, in comparison with a (001) surface.
However, the PMOS 1/f noise is usually lower than for the NMOS by one order of magnitude.
Power gating uses low-leakage PMOS transistors as header switches to shut off power supplies to parts of a design in standby.
MILPER Message 14-083, issued 26 March 2014, outlines administrative guidelines regarding identification, promotion, reclassification, and separation requirements for PMOS 35P Soldiers who fail to attain or to maintain a Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) score of 2/2/1+ or higher.
A single-ended RVCO topology comprises of inverters and each inverter is made up of an NMOS and PMOS transistors.
In sections on fundamentals, non-crystalline semiconductors, and thin film transistor circuits and applications, he discusses such topics as resistor-capacitor circuits, modeling threshold voltage shift for circuit design, a transistor as a switch, compensation circuits for displays, and a case study of a pseudo PMOS field effect transistor.
With metal gate electrodes for 32nm-generation logic LSIs, to achieve on-current equivalent to that of previous levels even while using low voltage, NMOS and PMOS devices must have different metal materials for their gate electrode, thus leading to a rise in costs due to the necessitation of new materials and the need for additional manufacturing processes.
The LVCE161284 also offers I-off and Power-Up 3-State to support Hot Insertion, an integrated PMOS transistor to prevent back-drive current, hysteresis at all inputs to provide noise margin and an Auto-Power-Up feature that prevents printer errors when the printer is turned on and when no valid signal is at connector side pins.
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