paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea

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par·ox·ys·mal noc·tur·nal dysp·ne·a

n. disnea paroxística nocturna, que gen. despierta al paciente inesperadamente y es causada por congestíon pulmonar.
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There is a ONEFITMAMA charitable trust which enables mums with PND to access classes for free.
[USA], Nov 7 ( ANI ): According to a recent study, women who give birth to males are 71-79 per cent more likely to develop postnatal depression (PND).
Emma was determined to help fellow mums and their families after suffering PND after having each of her three daughters - Hannah, Lydia and Connie - and found there was a gap in support services available to women in her position.
Secretary PND briefed CM and other officials about the progress in different ongoing projects under CPEC.
POSTNATAL DEPRESSION (PND) THIS common problem, which has affected celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Adele, can start in the first year after giving birth, and is more than just a case of the 'baby blues', when new mums might temporarily feel a bit down or tearful soon after giving birth.
Responding to the questions related to PND, Minister for Communication and Works Tanveer Aslam Malik said the head of department concerned would respond as to why several schemes have been dropped from the ADP.
The procedure started in PND 28 and the whole protocol took 13 days.
But there are instances where parents of both genders suffer PND without giving birth - for example parents who adopt.
Additionally, offspring fed by mothers on a deficient diet showed high levels of homocysteine at PND 28 [27].