paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea

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par·ox·ys·mal noc·tur·nal dysp·ne·a

n. disnea paroxística nocturna, que gen. despierta al paciente inesperadamente y es causada por congestíon pulmonar.
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There is hope when you have cancer, and there is with PND too, but the nature of PND is that it feeds you with dark thoughts that life's not worth living.
If you are quietly trying to deal with PND alone, you must understand you absolutely don't need to.
One reason that PND gets missed is that women may not realise that they have it or may be afraid of asking for help in case people think they are a bad mother.
It's true that PND can affect the baby in both the short and long term.
In the UK, health visitors are the professionals best placed to offer psychological support for women with PND because they are in regular contact with women throughout the first postnatal year (Sharp et al, 2010).
If undiagnosed, PND can be dangerous for both mother and baby.
Garmin Ltd, a manufacturer of satellite navigation, is providing the CARWINGS(R) MINI Telematics PND (Personal Navigation Device) for Dongfeng Nissan vehicles in China.
PND companies should look to support a variety of these services at low cost, much like they did with navigation, ABI Research suggested.
Presenting the teams research to the International Congress of Endocrinology, Professor Dimitris Grammatopoulos said: "Current screening policies rely on the opportunistic finding of PND cases using screening tools such as the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Score (EPDS), but such tests cannot identify women at risk, ahead of them developing the condition.
Le chef du parti, Chadi El-Ghazali Harb, a demande au gouvernement de lancer un avertissement aux membres du PND dont sera prouvee la corruption de la vie politique, qu'ils seront ecartes des deux chambres du Parlement au cas oE ils gagneront dans les prochaines elections.