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Noun1.PO box number - the number of a letter box at the post office where mail is collected
mailing address - the address where a person or organization can be communicated with
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Since delivery to home addresses does not work properly in case of apartments, many people have no choice but to use their company's PO box number for receiving correspondence.
Documents lodged at Companies House reveal that Berkford Investments Ltd has an address in Putney, South West London, and also a PO box number in Gibraltar.
OCONUS units should provide a physical address, not an APO address or PO box number.
It simply said "Drummer - Young - Free" and gave a PO box number.
Be wary of companies that only use a PO Box number and don't assume a company is UK based because it has 'uk' in its web address.
They said the PO Box number given on the envelope containing the porn had expired last month.
More than half -52% -said they would not deal with an enterprise that was only contactable by mobile phone, while 51% would not trade with one that only listed a PO Box number.
But Ann felt bullied and threatened by constant letters and phone calls and for years she continued to send postal orders to Vitamail's Bedford PO Box number.
I recently applied for a PO Box number for my work-from-home business with Royal Mail.
Although, he works from a PO box number to keep his location secret, we traced him to an address in Sutton Court Road, Surrey.
Motorists who think they have been issued a ticket unfairly need to follow the appeals procedure and write to the Parking Services Team at the PO Box number detailed on the back of the ticket.
The supplier's full geographical address (a PO box number, is not enough) and business name;