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abbreviation for
1. post-paid
2. prepaid


1. postpaid.
2. prepaid.


V. purified protein derivative.
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Since their beginning in 1994, PPD has become the leading supplier of tabletop goods and home decor products to thousands of upscale retailers in the US and Canada.
PPD was launched at the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), when ten developing countries from Asia, Africa and Latin America formed an intergovernmental alliance to help implement the Cairo Program of Action (POA).
PPD opened its Athlone, Ireland, facility in March and also operates contact center services in Stockholm, Sweden.
Specifically, it remains unclear whether screening for PPD leads to effective treatment of the illness (remission) and whether over time those treated do better clinically than those who are not identified or treated.
Although beneficial in terms of generating attention for the cause, these stories represent the extremes, on the one hand showcasing the most sensationalized cases of PPD and on the other hand revealing how very privileged people find the help they need for their recovery.
PPD is a low-toxicity diamine used as a component of synthetic polymers, aramid fibers, cosmetic dyes, latex chemicals, textile dyes, and pigments.
PPD exclusively licensed the technology from Duke in 1998.
With 70 criteria, PPD users may customize searches to meet their own organization's needs.
99 for three applications) from the Herbatint company lasts only five to six washes and is a vegetable-based color preparation containing no ammonia, peroxide or PPD.
In some hospitals occupation is significantly associated with risk for PPD conversion.
Demonstrating its expertise in clinical research, Pharmaceutical Product Development, LLC (PPD) today announced that PharmaTimes magazine has named a PPD specialist the 2013 Clinical Research Associate of the Year.