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Noun1.packed cells - a preparation of blood cells separated from the liquid plasma; "packed cells are given to severely anemic patients in order to avoid overloading the circulatory system with too much fluid"
blood cell, blood corpuscle, corpuscle - either of two types of cells (erythrocytes and leukocytes) and sometimes including platelets
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Only five recent recipients received irradiated PRBCs, while the others were transfused with nonirradiated blood products.
He received three units of PRBCs, intravenous broad spectrum antibiotics and was adequately hydrated over the next four days.
MTP workflow job aid, two units of liquid plasma, and two units of PRBCs
Approximately 320 units of pRBCs and 20 units of thawed FFP have been transfused as of this writing.
She was admitted and stabilized after 3 days, 2 units PRBCs, an upper and lower endoscopy finding bleeds in both areas.
The results of effect of cadmium on PRBCs are in accordance with another study in which HeLa cells were treated with cadmium (Ahmad et al.
0001 -- EBL (mL) or transfusion rate (%) Readmission or mean number of units rate (%) of PRBCs transfused (U) Okamura et al.
He received a total of 4 more PRBCs and hemoglobin levels constantly rose returning to a value of 9.
The overall goal of this new program is to reduce the risk of potential side effects of blood transfusions, and help to extend the useful life of pRBCs.
Cytoadherence is defined as adherence of PRBCs to the vascular endothelium, mediated by Plasmodium derived proteins on the surface of PRBCs and modified erythrocyte cell wall proteins and ligands on the ECs.
sex embolizations of pRBCs * 1 11/M 1 (preoperatively) 5 (intraoperatively) 1 (preoperatively) 2 (at embolization) 4 (intraoperatively) 2 14/M 1 (preoperatively) 1 (intraoperatively) 2 (postoperatively at 12 and 20 mo) * Packed red blood cells.