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1. preceded.
2. preceding.
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The PREC will be chaired by the governor and co-chaired by the provincial board's committee chair on energy.
The role of the educator, during the past months, was conducted by PREC Family Rural Education Center with the support of the Ministry to encourage the development of agro-tourism in the Canton.
To register for the PREC which is April 14-15 at the Tuscany Suites, Las Vegas go to:
Todas as series foram organizadas e tratadas por meio de planilhas do aplicativo Microsoft Office Excel, o que possibilitou a realizacao de diferentes calculos visando correcoes de falhas, geracao de graficos, analises do comportamento da variabilidade e da eventual ocorrencia de uma tendencia nos tres parametros de interesse (T-med., Prec. e Vaz.), alem da realizacao de analises estatisticas acuradas.
SFN was also shown to selectively reduce several class I and class II HDAC proteins in BPH1, LnCap and PC3 but not normal PrEC prostate cells (P <0.01).
Quanto a producao de algodao em caroco, verifica-se baixa adaptabilidade as condicoes do Estado de Sao Paulo dos genotipos EPAMIG Prec. 1, BRS SUCUPIRA e BRS IPE, que foram superados em cerca de 21%, na media, pelas quatro cultivares mais produtivas: "IPR 94-227-918", "IPR 99-65", "IPR 94 e IAC 24".
Prec. 2004-66 (November 16, 2004) modifying and superseding Rev.
prec. 5941 note), to reimburse eligible employees for one-half the cost of professional liability insurance.
"Individual" bilingualism is the norm in Catalonia, where Catalan has prec edence in some spheres (local government, education, and social services of certain types).
At the same time, the prec edents in Casebere's work for this bare, simultaneously massive and minimal architecture are surely his various interiors of prisons.
These are seen through the eyes of individuals who had figured in the prec eding pages and this gives the tragic story personal touches.
At seventy the last in his line, Prec Kushaj is the hereditary master of a factory that once produced this precious commodity.