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1. preface.
2. prefatory.
3. preference.
4. preferred.
5. prefix.
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We say that an [omega]-language F has locally positive [alpha]-dimensional measure provided [L.sub.[alpha]](F [intersection] w * [X.sup.[omega]]) > 0 for all w [member of] pref (F).
The closure (smallest closed set containing F) of a subset F [subset or equal to] [X.sup.[omega]], C(F), is described as C(F) := {[xi] : pref ({[xi]}) [subset or equal to] pref (F)}.
We expect this to be compensated by substantial increase of gasoline prices this year (by at least 13%), with positive impact on pref dividends.
(Oguchi, Aichi Pref.) mobilized 200 engineers for this emergency work, while Mori Seiki Co., Ltd.
PREF was established for adult male felony offenders, with the goal of preparing them to reenter society as accountable citizens.
First Colony Life Lifetime Protector Lifetime Pref Best NN
(Nagoya, Aichi Pref.) obtained, as usual, the largest space, equivalent to 277 booths.
March 22 -- Police launch massive raids on AUM headquarters in Yamanashi Pref., other AUM offices.
Based on our free-float estimates (roughly 30% of common shares and 70% of preferred shares), Rostelecom may repurchase commons total worth R24b, implying 23% ratio to free-float, and the remaining R5b may be spend on prefs acquisition (33% ratio to free-float).
Court to rule on nursery manager, Kanagawa Pref. on child abuse
....US$1107.5M Pref. Stock Non-cumulative Preferred Stock, Affirmed Ba1
The last generous payout was R8.9 per share, both on common and pref (total 84% of net income) for 2007, and the company has paid only R0.1 per share for the past three years.