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n.1.(Bot.) The plant privet.
v. i.1.To pry.
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The responsible members of the regulated industry want to see PRIA reauthorized, and they aren't clamoring for weaker protections for children and workers.
Linear regression confirmed that PRIA was statistically associated with PDQ-39SV (Table 4).
The PRIA Coalition is comprised of the following associations: Biopesticides Industry Alliance, Biotechnology Industry Organization, The Council of Producers & Distributors of Agrotechnology, ISSA--The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment) and the American Chemistry Council's Biocides Panel.
IABC members who attend will receive the PRIA member discount rate.
To paraphrase the PRIA document: Model 1 consists of scanned images of paper documents, scanned by a submitter and electronically sent to the recorder without any electronic data points.
With the advent of PRIA, this petition was scheduled and the use was approved in 2007.
figuras de retorica nada mais sao do que rotulos formais para padroes de pensamento comuns, inerentes nos diversos requisitos especiais da comunicacao verbal" (F 66) (HUMPHREY apud PRIA, 2002a, grifo nosso).
Academic programs are accredited by the PRIA to ensure standards, and the PRIA is also represented on advisory committees of academic institutions.
The list includes counties whose implementations have been verified by PRIA.
The goal of the alliance is to exchange and incorporate MISMO and PRIA standards for use within commercial and residential electronic mortgage transactions, according to Harry Gardner, MBA's vice president of industry technology and head of MISMO.
The list includes counties whose implementations have been verified by PRIA, explained Joan McCalmant, Linn County, Iowa, recorder and PRIA Technology Committee co-chair.
MISMO[R], the non-profit subsidiary of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) and the Property Records Industry Association (PRIA), Durham, North Carolina, have established an alliance that will enable seamless "plug and play" between MISMO and PRIA standards, resulting in streamlining the recordation process and the creation of more efficient accessibility to public property records via electronic means.