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1. principal.
2. principally.
3. principle.
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On his way to the final, Prins knocked out Bisby 3-0 before winning a last-leg decider against A Barrass to reach the semis.
Prins was brought to a hospital where he died three days after the beating.
Founded in 1986, Prins is a developer of alternative fuel systems powered by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG or propane), compressed natural gas, and liquefied natural gas for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty applications.
Mrs Prins also questioned the amount of time it took for firemen to reach the property.
Rockefeller did all this, Prins shows, with the help of James Stillman, president of National City Bank (the forerunner of what is now Citigroup), while drawing on investments made through Chase National Bank, known today as JPMorgan Chase.
Prins investigated the effect of BPA on human cells by implanting human prostate stem cells taken from deceased young-adult men into mice.
Robson lost 3-1 to fellow Englishman Garry Thompson, while Prins went down 3-2 to 15th seed Richie George - son of one of the sport's most colourful characters Bobby.
Prins was stopped by officers on the A4061 inner bypass and taken to the police station, where blood samples found amphetamine and traces of cannabis in his system.
Als inspecteur-generaal van het leger werd de prins geinformeerd over militaire en politieke zaken en ontving hij inlichtingenrapporten hierover, waarbij hij, volgens protocol, als eerste adressant hiervan werd vermeld.
Foxton looked at his best with a fine win over Temke before all eyes were on Dave Prins who overcome the tough hurdle of John Hardman.
Whitewashed on his Lakeside World Championship debut a year ago, 16th seed Prins looks vulnerable adgainst Walton.
This text is amazingly enduring, perhaps because Prins (affiliated with the universities of Leicester and Loughborough, UK) is both compassionate and practical in his approach to criminal justice and forensic mental health.