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abbreviation for
1. (Industrial Relations & HR Terms) performance-related pay
2. (Industrial Relations & HR Terms) profit-related pay


present participle.


[ˌpiːɑːrˈpiː] n abbr (=performance related pay) → salaire m au rendement
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H has invested in traditional conservative management strategies, his time away from work, and that he is not concerned with the out-of-pocket cost associated with PRP, you explain to him that there is some limited evidence that PRP might improve his symptoms.
PRP is a modification of fibrin glue from autologous blood and plays a key role in stimulating and accelerating bone and soft tissue healing.
No obstante, existe todavia falta de conocimiento del mecanismo de accion del PRP en estos procesos, creando escepticismo en cuanto a su uso y potencial eficacia, a ello se adiciona la heterogeneidad en relacion a su preparacion y la concentracion optima de plaquetas.
This was a comparative study where in 220 male patients of androgenetic alopecia were taken, in which 110 patients were randomly selected for PRP and other 110 for minoxidil over a period of 6 months.
The PRP is a five-year initiative which is supporting provincial and regional departments of education in Pakistan to improve reading skills of children.
We begin with a brief presentation of the specific context of Alice Springs, describing the needs and interrogating the assumptions that underpinned the PRP intervention.
He said the training standard at PR Academy Walton had enhanced in comparison with previous years and he also lauded the efforts of former PRP IG Syed Ibne Husain for re-organizing PRP.
Growth factor is easily provided in the intended concentration by centrifuging the whole blood taken from the patient and forming PRP.
However, what's less obvious is the fact that Ward's swift return to the field is largely due to a PRP injection into his overstrained MCL.
PRP is a significantly complex procedure that requires special equipment.
PRP has not been commonly used in pets in the UK but has been used in human medicine and in racehorses for several years.