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abbreviation for
1. (Industrial Relations & HR Terms) performance-related pay
2. (Industrial Relations & HR Terms) profit-related pay


present participle.


[ˌpiːɑːrˈpiː] n abbr (=performance related pay) → salaire m au rendement
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PRP has also proven to be effective in women in treating some cases of hair loss caused by traction alopecia.
He said the training standard at PR Academy Walton had enhanced in comparison with previous years and he also lauded the efforts of former PRP IG Syed Ibne Husain for re-organizing PRP.
Growth factor is easily provided in the intended concentration by centrifuging the whole blood taken from the patient and forming PRP.
However, what's less obvious is the fact that Ward's swift return to the field is largely due to a PRP injection into his overstrained MCL.
PRP is a significantly complex procedure that requires special equipment.
PRP has not been commonly used in pets in the UK but has been used in human medicine and in racehorses for several years.
Joseph Greco is a pioneer in PRP hair loss treatments, and in addition to sophisticated PRP extraction, his research and development program has patented a process for extracting CRP, or a protein-packed cytokine-rich plasma, which is used in combination with PRP to stimulate hair growth.
an inspiring organization," PRP President Keine Green says.
The PRP treatment aka Vampire Facial is an hour long procedure whereby the therapist draws blood from the patient's skin in two to four tubes.
The technique, known as PRP (platelet-rich plasma), is supposed to improve injury recovery time, and given that Spurs have six games in the next 17 days, they need the player available as soon as possible.
We've had outstanding results with PRP treatment and we will do that again now.
PRP olarak tanimlanabilecek plazma icin, genel kabul gormus net bir platelet konsantrasyonu degeri yoktur.