Pablo Casals

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Noun1.Pablo Casals - an outstanding Spanish cellist noted for his interpretation of Bach's cello suites (1876-1973)
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Among the legendary musicians it has brought to Huddersfield are Pablo Casals, Artur Rubinstein, Dame Myra Hess, Kathleen Ferrier, Paul Robeson, Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears.
Some older people achieve remarkable things: Grandma Moses began painting in her 70s and the cellist Pablo Casals conducted his own composition at age 94
Lucas studied at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music under Bonnie Hampton, a protege of the legendary Pablo Casals.
En cuanto a sus cientos de presentaciones como musico de camara, son de mencionar sus asociaciones con Pablo Casals en el Festival de Marlboro, con el cuarteto Galimir, el trio Albeneri, el Banat-Kagan Piano Quartet, el Ensemble Rococo y el Conjunto de Camara de la Filarmonica de Nueva York, agrupacion en la que participo 23 anos como primer violin.
Pablo Casals was a virtuoso on which musical instrument?
Mouradian is a prize winner in some of the world's most prestigious competitions, such as Pablo Casals, Tchaikovsky, Julio Cardona, among others.
Jim Henson, Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein, Pablo Casals, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Schweitzer, and on and on and on.
Especially gratifying is his detailed comparison of tempo, portamento, and vibrato in ten recordings of Robert Schumann's Traumerei by seven different cellists, from Heinrich Grunfeld's 1903 recording through the four made by Pablo Casals between 1915 and 1930.
She arranged for theatrical performances and concerts by musicians such as the young Pablo Casals.
Wenceslas Music Festival and Pablo Casals International Music Festival in Spain.
Found guilty that May, she received a suspended sentence from a judge who said that Pablo Casals would not have been as great a cellist if he had performed without his pants.