Pablo Neruda

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Noun1.Pablo Neruda - Chilean poet (1904-1973)
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La famille de Pablo Neruda soupconne un empoisonnement sous la dictature (1973-1990).
International researchers investigating the death of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda raised doubts on Friday as to whether he died of cancer 44 years ago as previously presumed, and did not rule out foul play.
Neruda' narrates the life of the legendary Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, who was awarded the Noble Prize in Literature in 1971.
Writers showcased include Pablo Neruda, Pope Francis, Una Chaudhuri, Italo Calvino, and Margaret Atwood.
ACONTROVERSIAL character, who divided opinion with his socialist beliefs and flamboyant lifestyle, Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, was one of the 20th century's literary greats.
La intensa actividad politico-social, asi como la concepcion de la amistad en Pablo Neruda requeria de un espacio emocional amplio, lo que se reflejo en su poesia, pero tambien en sus escritos privados.
Al momento de morir, el poeta Pablo Neruda pesaba "un minimo de 89.
Pablo Neruda (1904-1973) is one of the world's most beloved and best-selling poets.
Then Come Back: The Lost Neruda (Copper Canyon, $23, 160 pages, ISBN 9781556594946) is a true treasure: a new group of poems by Nobel Prize-winning Chilean author and statesman Pablo Neruda (1904-1973), thoughtfully translated by American poet Forrest Gander.
Ambos ya tienen experiencia en este medio, Miguel Angel trabajo en El cartero y Pablo Neruda, en 2006, y Ana ya se subio a las tablas en 2013 con ?
Summary: Documents released by Chile's Interior Ministry acknowledge, for the first time, that it is "quite possible" that the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda was assassinated.