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A Japanese gambling game played on a vertical pinball machine.



(Individual Sports, other than specified) a Japanese game similar to pinball
[C20: possibly from Japanese pachin, imitative of the sound of a ball being fired by a trigger]
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Noun1.pachinko - a Japanese pinball game played on a vertical board
pinball, pinball game - a game played on a sloping board; the object is to propel marbles against pins or into pockets
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From a coffeeshop in Toronto, to a Pachinko parlor in Tokyo, to a shisha cafe in Dubai, everyone can relate to that one universal question: "What's the WiFi password?"
It turned out to be a great trip; I explored much of the city on foot and subway, spent half a day walking around a nearly empty fun park, looked inside a pachinko parlor, and stopped to talk a with the aid of a dictionary a to two grandmothers who were feeding a local cat.
"However, one out of every 11 Japanese adults plays pachinko regularly, and there is at least one pachinko parlor in every train station and shopping street in Japan.
HONG KONG - Dynam Japan Holdings Co., Japan's second-largest pachinko parlor operator, on Monday started trading on the Hong Kong stock exchange.
Yoji Sato, the Dynam Holdings Co s president announced that the company, which is the major Japanese pachinko parlor operator, is planning to list its stock on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Aug.
Yoji Sato, president of Dynam Japan Holdings Co., a major pachinko parlor operator in Japan, has expressed hope that the company's application for listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange will be approved, saying going public in Hong Kong would enhance "the trust and status" of the pinball industry.
TOKYO Kyodo - Amusement facilities and pachinko parlor operator Sega Sammy Holdings Inc.
His pro career got off to a rocky start when he was caught smoking in a pachinko parlor during his first spring training, despite not being old enough to smoke or gamble legally.
(Saki), Kushida Kazumi (Yoshinaga, the landlord), Okamoto Yukiko (Yoshinaga Eriko), Hiraizumi Sei (mini-market manager), Kase Ryo (mini-market employee), Kimura Yuichi (Sugihara, a taxi driver), Endo Ken'ichi (pachinko parlor employee), Terajima Susumu (baseball coach), Tate Takako (mini-market teller).
Arsonist attacked Osaka pachinko parlor for no apparent reason
OSAKA - Four people died and at least 19 people were injured in a fire at a pachinko parlor in the city of Osaka on Sunday afternoon, police and firefighters said.
The special challenge for pachinko parlor operators and their suppliers is to raise funds, and, of course, the nub of the opportunity for Fujii is that even those operators running significant profits and keeping transparent accounts are considered by the authorities to be running businesses "injurious to public morals," for which reason they are not allowed to go public in Japan.