Pacific Time

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stand′ard time`

the civil time officially adopted for a country or region, usu. the civil time of some specific meridian lying within the region, with a difference of exactly one hour between one zone and the next. The standard time zones in the U.S. are Atlantic time, Eastern time, Central time, Mountain time, Pacific time, Alaska time,Hawaii-Aleutian time, and Samoa time.
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Noun1.Pacific Time - standard time in the 8th time zone west of Greenwich, reckoned at the 120th meridian west; used in far western states of the United States
civil time, local time, standard time - the official time in a local region (adjusted for location around the Earth); established by law or custom
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September 10, 2019, at 11:45 am Pacific Time (2:45 pm Eastern Time)
PersianMedium hosts the exciting half hour program every Wednesday at 6PM- Pacific Time on
The Show can be heard Live at and listeners can call the Studio Line at 310-982-4134 to listen by phone on April 10 at 4:00 PM Pacific Time.
The airplane was substantially damaged at about 1906 Pacific time when its pilot conducted an off-field forced landing immediately after takeoff.
The airline experienced a ( major computer systems failure at approximately 5:15 PM Pacific Time.
Researcher, manufacturer and product designer of flash memory cards SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ:SNDK) stated on Friday on the earthquake that occurred on Thursday night, Pacific Time that its manufacturing plants Fab 3 and Fab 4 were down for a short period initially and up and operational as of Friday morning, Pacific Time.
Destinations included in the sale will be changed daily, with the new cities revealed at 00:01 Pacific time until 20 November 2009.
Pacific time on March 17, 2009 and entries are due by 11:59:59 p.m.
11 in the Eastern and Central zones, and since play will likely extend past midnight Pacific, it will also count as same-day on Mountain and Pacific time. Got that?
She and fellow VRG dietitians Catherine Conway and Mark Rifkin will be appearing on the show, which is broadcast on Saturdays at noon Pacific time, once a month.
And so if after meeting Jane Smith, PhD, MTC, PT, OCS your best guess is that she is a professor of multistate tax compliance who lives in the Pacific Time zone and moonlights for an overseas courier service, the below breakdown may be of use:

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