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Noun1.Pacific walrus - a walrus of the Bering Sea and northern PacificPacific walrus - a walrus of the Bering Sea and northern Pacific
sea horse, seahorse, walrus - either of two large northern marine mammals having ivory tusks and tough hide over thick blubber
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The walrus occurs throughout the Arctic, divided in two subspecies, the Atlantic and Pacific walrus. The Atlantic walrus occurs in Canada, Greenland, Svalbard and Russia and numbers approximately 30000 animals.
This doesn't bode well for the Pacific walrus. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) estimates the walruses in these haul-outs are traveling up to an extra 250-miles round trip from the waters they normally forage in, a journey young calves can't make and one that leaves nursing females depleted of fat and energy.
Pacific walrus males grow to 12 feet (3.7 meters) long and up to 4,000 pounds (1,815 kilograms) -- more than an average midsize sedan.
Pacific walrus coastal haulout database, 1852-2016--Background report.
ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- A plateau on the Arctic Ocean floor, where thousands of Pacific walrus gather to feed and raise pups, has received new protections from the Obama administration that recognize it as a biological hot spot and mark it off-limits to future oil drilling.
Researchers are trying to get a better idea of the size of the Pacific walrus population ahead of an expected decision by the U.S.
And my favourite of the bunch is the uber-posh Sloaney couple who forever seem to be several sheets to the wind whenever the camera's on them - and they already seemed to be well-oiled by the time we'd caught up with them watching a nature documentary about the mating habits of the Pacific walrus.
A few days earlier, archaeologists investigating 1,500 human bodies unearthed during the renovation of St Pancras station announced they had found a Pacific walrus among them.
This array is focused more broadly than the DASARs in the Beaufort Sea to detect and collect distribution and area usage data on multiple species including bowhead whales, beluga whales, Pacific walrus and bearded seals.
The failure by the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to make a 90-day finding on a 2008 petition to list Pacific walrus led to submission of 60-days' notice of a future citizen suit.

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