Pacific Rim

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Pacific Rim

The countries and landmasses surrounding the Pacific Ocean, often considered as a socioeconomic region.

Pacific rim

(Commerce) the regions, countries, etc, that lie on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, esp in the context of their developing manufacturing capacity and consumer markets

Pacif′ic Rim′

the group of countries bordering on the Pacific Ocean, esp. the industrialized nations of Asia.

Pacific Rim

nbassin m du Pacifique
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The second measure will be the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, a proposed trade agreement involving the United States, Japan, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico and seven other Pacific-rim nations.
Pacific-rim nations have taken solace in Asia's partial recovery from two years of financial crisis but warn that major risks loom and deeper reforms are needed.
The Pacific-Rim nations are comprised of the fastest growing economies in the world, and as we are expanding our global reach, we are placing significant executive focus in this region," said Jeffrey R.

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