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n.1.A peaceful person; - applied specif. by the Spaniards to the natives in Cuba and the Philippine Islands who did not oppose the Spanish arms.
While we were going through the woods one of the pacificos pointed to a new grave.
- Harper's Weekly.
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A RENEWABLE energy company founded by a former Newcastle Falcons star has struck a partnership deal with County Durham's Pacifica Group.
Auto Business News-August 23, 2017--AutoPacific honours Jeep(R) Grand Cherokee and Chrysler Pacifica
Minority shareholders of dormant mining firm Pacifica Inc.
Forty-eight-year-old Dean Camacho was stabbed to death by his roommate, Jerry Romansky, at Pacifica Hospital of the Valley in Sun Valley, Calif.
Tokyo, Apr 17, 2014 - (ACN Newswire) - Solar power and real estate developer Pacifica Capital K.
A proposed new policy governing the use and scheduling of UO facilities could end the practice that now gives a retired UO professor the right to secure meeting space at the UO for the controversial group Pacifica Forum.
Pacifica Housing Advisory Association opened a newly renovated former Victoria drug house, offering housing and support services for homeless families and single parents whose children have left home, and who find themselves at risk of homelessness.
Pacifica High of Garden Grove, playing in its ninth semifinal in 10 years, rallied in the bottom of the seventh Tuesday afternoon for a 2-1 Div.
California residents and many a visitor to the Bay Area only know Pacifica as a suburban coastal town--but this history follows the 1900s development of the town as no other, from its early days as a railroad town to its current suburban community standing.
Pacifica Radio's KPFK, based in Los Angeles, is one small but strong voice.
While the official Chrysler rhetoric has it that the Pacifica is a "segment buster," the accuracy of that statement is open to some dispute, the more so as the vehicles with which Chrysler itself compares it--the Acura MDX, BMW X5, Honda Pilot EX, Toyota Highlander, Buick Rendezvous, and Volvo XC90--are essentially SUVs.
Pacifica Consultants specializes in strategic recruiting and team building and is able to access the best possible talent to make operations successful in Japan.